27 juin 2005


[Eymoutiers] La bergerie (Back to the sheepfold)

Il est 20H à Chantegrieux. La lumière du soir est magnifique. J'attends que Jacques ait fini de nous préparer le repas, et je flane du coté des bergeries. Les brebis remontent lentement de la vallée, comme guidées par le rayon de soleil.

It is 8H pm at the farm of Chantegrieux. The evening light is spendid. While our friend Jacques finishes to cook our diner, I stroll around the sheepfolds. The flock is slowly coming up from the valley, as if it was led by the beam of light.

Make : NIKON
Model : E8800
DateTime : 2005:06:25 20:05:29
ExposureTime : 1/98,6Sec
FNumber : F4,9
FocalLength(35mm) : 50(mm)

4 commentaires:

patrick87 a dit…

bravo maxime, ton regard et ta vision me plaisent enormément, tu as le goût de l'authentique !

Chris B a dit…

wow, that's really cool. at first, I didn't see the sheep in the picture. I just thought it was a nicely exposed shot of a doorway. those sheep really make it!

Maxime a dit…

Right ,The sheep make it...
I was lucky with the timing ; I use to think that landscape photography is at the crossing of space and time. Once you've got the place, you still have to find out the right time. I believe that the world is full of magic places that only show out for a brief instant, sometimes once a day, other times once a year, when very peculiar conditions meet together. To find them, one has to be lucky, or very patient..

tetsu a dit…

Beautiful!! :-)

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