29 juillet 2005

[Le Maillorat] Clair-obscur (sombre)

Au fond de l'ancienne salle commune d'une maison de métayer, une lampe éclaire l'ouverture du vieux four à pain. L'occasion d'un exercice de style dans des conditions de lumière difficiles... pour le thème de Photo Friday "sombre"

At the back of that ancient kitchen room in a sharecropper's house, a glass lamp lightens the aperture of an old bread kiln. The chance for a style exercise in difficult light conditions.... for Photo Friday "sombre" theme.

Make : NIKON
Model : E8800
ExposureTime : 1/14,4Sec
FNumber : F3,7
FocalLength(35mm) : 104(mm)

2 commentaires:

Chris B a dit…

I like how the yellow light from the lamp is echoed in the jacket worn by the person in the photo. The minimal amount of color is nice, too.

What's photo friday?

Maxime a dit…

Hi Chris,

Photo Friday is a weekly contest. The link is on my main page "community" links.
It's helpfull because it provides with shooting themes, so you can see what other photographers imagine about the theme, and it obliges you to scratch your brain to find someting about it...

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