30 mai 2006


[Mont-Dore] la hutte (the cabin)

A peine l'hiver passé, on recherche déja de la neige. A 1000 m ce qu'il en reste ressemble à une virgule, transition vers l'été qui approche.

As soon winter gone, one seeks already snow. At 1000 m what remains looks like a comma, transition about summer commming on.

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Graeme a dit…

I can't help but wonder why the snow remains in such a strange shape. Once again you spot something that makes an interesting photograph. I like the way it runs off to the right but the edge of the hill is still visible - looks like a ski run.

My website address has change and as you have so kindly provided a link on your blog I would be grateful if you updated it to point to http://photography.gpack.co.uk

I recieve a few visitors each week from your site

thank you

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