13 avril 2005

[Creuse] Abbaye de Bénévent - le transept

A la croisée du transept, les ouvertures percées sous la coupole laissent entrer la lumière brute, alors que les chapelles latérales se teintent selon les nuances des vitraux inférieurs. L'occasion d'une composition symétrique, une fois n'est pas coutume...

DateTime : 2005:04:02 10:19:37
ExposureTime : 1/4Sec
FNumber : F2,8
FocalLength(35mm) : 35(mm)

2 commentaires:

Chris B a dit…

sorry, je ne pas francais.

Anyhow, The repeating curves in this picture are interesting. What did you meter against? I ask because I'm not sure if there are windows up there, or if they are just openings.

(I'm at: www.cboebel.com)

Maxime a dit…

No matter :"Nobody's perfect" ;-)
Upper light comes from thin, white leaded windows, as bottom light comes from reddish stained-glass windows.
I used division metering mode, that uses an array of referals to calculate witch could be considered as "ambiant light". Note this is only the upper part of an upright picture, so metering was done on the entire transept enhancing the upper lightning. (I just kept the interessing part : as you noticed, the curves...)

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