09 mai 2005

[Beauvais] Eglise St Etienne (St Etienne Church)

En week-end près de Beauvais, il me fallait bien ramener une carte postale. Plutôt que la célèbre cathédralle, j'ai préféré la "petite" église Saint Etienne. Je ne suis pas particulièrement croyant, mais les églises sont des pièges à lumière, et à ce titre, un bonheur pour le photographe. Faute d'avoir un trés grand angle, j'ai pris ce cliché en panoramique (trois prises au format vertical, assemblées ensuite).

In Beauvais for the week-end, I had to bring back a postcard. Rather than the well known cathedrall, I choosed the "small" church of Saint Etienne. I'm not especially faithfull, but churches are built as light traps, what is a real blessing for photographers. Lack of a very wide lens, I took three vertical shots, and stiched them to get that tricky perspective.

For each shot:
Make : NIKON
Model : E8800
DateTime : 2005:05:07 15:54:56
ExposureTime : 1/31Sec
FNumber : F2,8
FocalLength(35mm) : 35(mm)

3 commentaires:

Chris B a dit…

you did a nice job getting those photos stiched together. Did you hold the white balance constant for the three shots? great detail in the shadows and the hilights.

Maxime a dit…

Well, the shots ware made at constant exposure, based on the left side of the panorama. Once stiched, I had to give a pinch to the lights/midtones/shadows curves, to bring up details in shadows, mostly placed on the right.
One thing I learned about digital photography is that it has a limited bandwith and that the overexposed, burned parts can't be undone. But litely underexposed, shady parts still keep détails that can be brought back, though they become more noisy. In that case, the resulting picture was so huge (more then 20 Megapixels) that a lite noise in shadows was not realy disturbing.

F. Vissault a dit…

Joli grang angle! j'aime bien!

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