29 mai 2005

[Le Maillorat] tant de vielles photos... (so much old photos...)

sans commentaire... on vieillit (mais c'est encore le seul moyen qu'on a trouvé pour vivre longtemps).

No comment... Getting old (but this is still the only way we've find to live for a long time).

Make : NIKON
Model : E8800
DateTime : 2005:05:29 16:15:39
ExposureTime : 1/173,3Sec
FNumber : F5,2
FocalLength(35mm) : 43(mm)
Partialy desaturated.

1 commentaires:

Chris B a dit…

there's a sadness to old photos that always gets me. Looking through boxes of photos from my grandmother's house (she's now deceased), it always strikes me that they are of memories that no longer exist in this world. I'm sure your old photos are more current, but all photos illustrate our transient nature.

I like the shot. The frame in the middle adds nice definition.

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