13 juin 2005

[Folles] Les volets rouges (the red shutters)

La grange est effondrée et l'habitation voisine ne vaut guère mieux. Seuls les volets rouges semblent repeints de neuf ( du moins la peinture était de meilleure qualité que la maçonnerie).

The barn is down and the house shall soon follow. Only the red shutters seem to be freshly painted.

Make : NIKON
Model : E8800
DateTime : 2005:06:12 09:04:09
ExposureTime : 1/112Sec
FNumber : F6,1
FocalLength(35mm) : 225(mm)

3 commentaires:

Chris B a dit…

what struck me about europe, as I'm sure it strikes many americans when they visit, is just how old everything is. This structure looks like it's been there forever. What strikes me is the contrast between the artificial stonework and the natural beauty of the trees.

Maxime a dit…

Hi, Chris,
I love your very judicious comment.
The way I feel it, quite naturaly, is that things have effectively been there forever. My home in the country was buit in 1875, but the previous home is still here, having been transformed in a barn for the farm.I only know that because my great grand father talked it to my grand mother, who talked it to me. For me, the things are just here as as they were when a little child.
So, the 1875's house is the recent house.And in Limousin, which is a granitic country, stones are used ever and ever, and when a building is destroyed for one reason or an other, stones are used again in an other one, but usualy, the building itsef lasts for hundreds of years. And many houses nearby were built with the blocs of an abbey of the 10th century (Grammont) where English Kings used to be sacred as princes of Aquitaine (yes, we were englismen, long ago, before the 100 years war). But light falls on them in a different way each day, and we are used to play with the various scales of time.

Chris B a dit…

it's amazing to me to think of all of the things those stones have seen since they were first cut to build the abbey. imagine what they could tell you, if you could only learn how to listen.

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